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Patrick's Day, Enjoy it in Ireland

Patrick's Day the Irish National Holiday is associated with many things, all of which have different meanings for different people, wearing green, breaking Lent, trying out a Guinness and of course going to the parade which you can find in every town in Ireland including Wexford.

Most people would assume the Irish, invented the Patrick's Day parade, but here's a case for it being an American innovation. March 17 marks the 5th-century death of the patron saint Patrick and for over a thousand years, has been celebrated as a holiday day in Ireland. But the parade was first recorded in 1737 in Boston while New York City also claims a St Patrick's Day parade that took place in 1762.

St. Patrick s Day didn't become an official Irish public holiday until 1903 with the introduction of the Bank Holiday. This act was introduced by Irish Member of Parliament James O'Mara, who was also responsible for the law that required the closing of pubs on March 17, don’t worry this has been abolished since.

The observance of Patrick's Day is the most joyous occasion in the Irish calendar - when Irish across the globe honour their patron, gathering with family and friends as they surround themselves with all the best Ireland has to offer. Where better to enjoy this festival than in Ireland itself.



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