Going Electric & Never Going Back

we took the leap early 2020 to get ourselves a full electric car. We considered to go hybrid but after carful consideration decided to immediately full electric and have not regretted it since. 

We been now driving for over a year and never ran out, never found it difficult to charge or never had to step out of the car and push as some AMAM (angry middle aged men) would claim.

EV Ireland
Going EV in Ireland
Charge at home

To make the transition from ICE (petrol car) to EV (electric vehicle) easier it helps to have your own home charger. It is like having your own petrol station at home.

You need to forget your mindset of petrol service stations and just charge the car at home at night. It’s cheaper, it’s faster and its easier.

Scar House now has free EV charging point at its holiday home. Bring your EV and charge overnight so you can continue your adventure holiday in Wexford.

Free EV Charging

For guests at our Holiday Cottage in Wexford.
EV Charging Wexford Holiday Home

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